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Equipment List


The Nexus 250-II provides high-precision machining over extended periods of operation thanks to advanced machine design featuring extremely rigid construction and an extremely responsive system. Operating using the newest model, the Mazatrol Matrix, which has been designed to be the optimum system for machining centres.

2012 MAZAK VARIAXIS j-500 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

The "DONE-IN-ONE" concept incorporates all machining processes from raw material input through final machining - in just one machine. It provides the ability to reduce production lead time, improve machining accuracy, reduce floor space and initial cost, lower operating expenses, reduce operator requirements and to improve the work environment.

2009 HURCO VM10 Vertical Machining Center (x2)

The VM10 is the fastest growing vertical machining center in North America because it is the perfect combination of size and functionality. It has the smallest footprint but is loaded with remarkably big capacity, productivity and user flexibility.

2009 MAZAK VCN 510C-II
5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

It combines the power of the latest CNC control, Mazatrol Matrix, and its tilting rotary table allows us to perform 5-axis machining for complex components.

2013 HURCO VM10i Vertical Machining Center

This solidly built, one-piece machine base uses premium components, such as heavy duty linear rails in all three axes and oversized, double nut, pre-tensioned ball screws. Additionally, the linear rails are larger and wedge locked, which reduces vibration.  Designed to conserve space with the smallest possible footprint, the VM 10i is loaded with remarkably big capacity, productivity and user flexibility.

VX-660 IMAGE.jpg
*NEW*  2018 MATSUURA VX-660
3-Axis Vertical Machining Center

This versatile 3-axis vertical machining center boasts high-speed, high-precision and high-accuracy within a compact footprint. With a very large Y-axis of 550 mm, the all-new VX-660 is equipped with a high-performance and high-rigidity BT40/15K spindle, with the additional high-speed software option and 30 tools standard with conveyor and 48/60 optional. The VX-660 will machine a vast array of materials from Aluminum to Cast Iron to Titanium, etc., and parts weighing up to 500 kg. The new VX-660 is built using Matsuura’s world renowned engineering technologies.

Additional Equipment
  • FIRST Milling Machine

  • BAXTER Table Saw

  • Q-AIR Air Compressor (x2)

  • HARDINGE DSM-59 Manual Lathe (x2)

  • FIRST Manual Drill Press

  • 8" Tool Grinder

We service many industries, including;

Vision systems, Special Optics, Satellite Communication, Energy & Resource, Medical, Automotive and others.

S-3 Industries also provides other services, through an approved sub-supplier procedure.

Some of the outside services we provide are:

  • Purchasing material

  • Painting

  • Anodizing

  • Oxidizing

  • Packaging

  • Hardware installation

  • Small assembly

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